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PMC Conference Call - September 26, 2006
PMC Members Attending: Tim Wagner, Raghunathan Srinivasan, David Williams, Arthur Ryman, Jochen Krause,

PMC Member Regrets: Naci Dai

Invited Guests: Robert Goodman (ATF), Neil Hauge (Dali)


  • ESE being held next month; David and Tim will be presenting jointly on WTP.
  • WTP will send out a web-specific CFP as soon as Eclipsezilla is live. [still pending]
  • Tim sending out request for one of the interested parties to take over as default QA rep in Bugzilla for the website and FAQ components.


  • Invitation extended to Jean Choi to join PMC calls to coordinate visual editor component creation, staffing, etc. (Though due to my travel, she did not receive the invite early enough for this week's call.)
  • Development process amendments: See David's proposal to wtp-pmc mailing list from last week. General consensus; some additions suggested, so David will re-send with amendments this week.
  • The PMC reviewed the idea of using Instantiations' WindowsTester (TM) product via an Eclipse committer licensing scheme, but elected not to move forward because the member companies as a group were not able to approve internal use of a commercial product as a required part of the build/test cycle. Specific comments from David Williams regarding IBM's concerns: "As a PMC member I'm concerned about the use of Windows Tester in WTP automated testing for the following reasons. First, even if there is a 'free license' granted to all committers, there are many contributors to WTP that are not committers, so that would lock them out of that part of the project. Second, even among committers, there still has to be internal legal review by each parent company for each individual to determine if using that tool is acceptable. Just because its free, and just because there is a 'license granted' does not automatically mean it is acceptable to each company for each individual. Just as an example, a WTP committer might, in their many duties, also work on some product that competes with Windows Tester. So, while it was a good suggestion to consider, given these sorts of complications, it does not seem open enough for such an important part of WTP."

Requirements and 2.0 Planning

  • Lack of detailed component-level plans will make public requirement calls less likely to succeed.
  • 1.5.1 activities have delayed production of more detailed component plans, but planning document has been updated to reflect latest thinking. All PMC members should review and update this week in preparation for further component lead edits.
  • Want to reach out to SAP - might be able to use the status calls to engage with them in a more detailed, ongoing manner.
  • Naci setting up STP interlock discussions.

1.5.1 and 2.0 Status

  • 1.5.1 on track for Friday release.
  • Tim to update website and project meta-info after release.
  • PMC discussed possibility of small interim maintenance release between Callisto updates 1 and 2.
  • Working to get M2 working; some internal API use is currently causing breakage.

JSF Status

  • Focused last week on library feature and use of facets; planning to publish feature description when this planning completes.
  • Need to work with JSP team to discuss tool changes. Cameron working on design already.
  • Expectation is to have Wiki complete for adopter review in preparation for planning call.

ATF Status

  • Lightning talk in Dallas was well received.
  • Two possible adopters looking at ATF for possible product use.
  • Bob working with IBM and Eclipse PR to do announcements around ATF.
  • Will be presenting at AJAXWorld and AJAX Experience.
  • Looking into articles for print media.
  • Design and planning around next milestone (content and dates); should have more info next week for PMC and community review.

Dali Status

  • "Round 1" of DTP migration is complete; some limitations and issues have been raised with the DTP team and are being discussed further this week.

Action Items and Owners

  • Naci setting up STP interlock discussion.
  • Tim to send out CFP for EclipseCon '07 once EclipseZilla goes live (still pending).
  • Jochen to reach out to add-in providers and WTP requirements group around 2.0 plan.
Minutes taken by Tim Wagner, September 26, 2006. Please notify me of any corrections needed.

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