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PMC Conference Call - April 18, 2006
PMC Members Attending: Tim Wagner [TW], Raghunathan Srinivasan [RS], Arthur Ryman [AR], David Williams [DW],

PMC Member Regrets: none

Invited Guests: Neil Hauge [NH], Shaun Smith [SS], Craig Becker [CB]

Others: Lawrence Mandel [LM]

Community Update [LM]

  • Webinars two weeks prior to Callisto release. WTP and TPTP joint webinar planned for 6/12, focused on developing and testing web services. Goal is to highlight cross-project interaction.
  • Additional EclipseWorld presentations: David Williams will be presenting on SSE, and there will be a Dali presentation.

Procedural [TW]

  • Great bugs: agreement to promote the additional three to the EMO

1.0.2 Status

  • Chuck Bridgham and BEA working through testing of threading defect patches; hopeful of respin by EOD today.

Callisto / 1.5 Status

  • M6 produced on schedule and available via update manager (staging at the moment; should roll out this week to everyone).
  • Out-of-memory errors occuring in the 1.5 line. Need to discover whether there's a leak first. If we can't succeed with the default OOTB VM settings we may need to either request that those settings be revised upward or document that WTP needs a different configuration to run well. Will explore memory use tools in TPTP to see if that can help identify the problem. Lawrence has seen it with WTP-only; David has experienced it with Java editing in the context of Callisto (so there may actually be multiple problems).
  • Platform is changing policy on 3rd party export. We made use of these APIs, so adjusting to the change has been non-trivial. As part of this change, will need to add Equinox plugin from help system that we rely on to launch built-in Web applications (WSE, in our case). (We also use this in the JSP editor.)

JSF Status [RS]

  • Refactoring: will use jst.jsf for the long term, but will defer refactoring until after 1.5 release date. (Will also check with Jean Choi when she returns.)
  • Working on daily build integration with Naci.

ATF Status [CB]

  • Code check in should be happening shortly (with all 3rd party code removed).
  • Some issues with Zimbra - instructions to enable users to reconstitute the Zimbra support has been difficult.

Dali Status [NH/SS]

  • Build integration proceeding well (Naci working with Dali releng).
  • Working on online help/documentation; will be included in M2 build - expected to be available later today.
  • Status meeting planned for tomorrow; will discuss location transfer to WTP during the call.

WTP Build Issue [AR/ND]

  • Working on DITA integration via a local build.
  • Pathname length is causing problems with source features.

Action Items

  • [TW] Research whether WTP can reprint the text of the Sun DTD/Schema license. (Question from Lawrence for Janet as part of 1.5 IP.) UPDATE: Sent, awaiting reply.
Minutes taken by Tim Wagner, April 18, 2006. Please notify me of any corrections needed.

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