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PMC Conference Call - August 30, 2005
Attending: Tim Wagner [TW], David Williams [DW], Jochen Krause [JK] Christophe Ney [CN]

Community Update [LM]

  • LinuxWorld had an Eclipse presence (report from CN)
  • EclipseWorld in progress; more updates next week (TW, AR, LM attending)

Procedural matters

  • Christophe Ney is resigning as co-lead, to remain on the PMC as a member. The PMC thanks him for his many project contributions as project lead.

Council Update

  • Architecture council discussed its role, also spent time reviewing "flexible project model" as lead by David
  • Planning council discussed release train issues (including milestone pile-on), IP log requirement for all projects, and project info XML file format

JSF Update

  • JSF creation review has been passed by the EMO, and the project is now being provisioned into WTP as a sub project (peer of WST and JST).

Requirements Update [JK]

  • Product management informational call - did not receive sufficient interest to hold this event in August, will wait until September when more people are back from vacation (next Thursday is target date).
  • Borland expressed interest during council meetings in getting more involved with WTP development; will attempt to connect JK and Richard Gronback to make progress on this front
  • Exit criteria for 1.0 must include extension point documentation [JK]
  • API definition should be targeted for our first 1.0 milestone, 9/23 [DW]

Architecture Update [DW]

  • Discussion of feature includes and the current problems surrounding them; David will pursue as part of a general feature revision proposal

0.7.1 (Maintenance Stream) Status

  • Most NL fixes are complete
  • Several blocking bugs remain open as of today
  • Would adopt 3.1.1 rev of platfrom (currently slated for end of September)

1.0 Planning

No further work on 1.0 planning; limited PMC attendance.

Action Items

  • TW to follow up with Charter revisions approved in last meeting (held over).
Minutes taken by Tim Wagner, August 30, 2005

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