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PMC Conference Call - July 19, 2005
Attending: Tim Wagner [TW], Lawrence Mandel [LM], David Williams [DW], Arthur Ryman [AR], Christophe Ney [CN], Jochen Krause [JK]

Community Update [LM]

  • Docs are ready to go for server tools, XML, SSE, J2EE; Web Services and data tools will not make 0.7
  • waiting on legal clearance
  • Discussion about separating help build in flight (looks reasonably straightforward)
  • Jeffrey researching update manager site (Eclipse hosted/communal)
  • WTP articles solicited
  • Screencasts need to be updated for 0.7 GA and refined. Jochen and Lawrence will start with the Web Services topic.
  • FAQ needs updating (LM).

Procedural matters

  • Charter revision in progress; working on the "draft standards" portion. Targeting next month's board call.

Requirements Update [JK]

  • Product management open house planned for after 0.7 release.
  • Using Bugzilla enhancements as foundation for call.

Architecture Update [DW]

  • No new issues; ramping up 3.2 planning.

0.7 Release Status

  • Second RC scheduled for Friday, July 22nd; slight complication w.r.t. release of JEM (same day). We will attempt to incorporate their final driver. Build will be targeted for Friday evening.
  • Bug count by priority: 1 / 28 / 297 / 38 (364 total)
  • Cutoff on fixes: Thursday 8pm EDT. Build will be done overnight (US) and ready by 9am Friday. JEM update on Friday will require a respin during the day Friday, but WTP bits can be tested in parallel. (CC will be suspended after the build.)
  • Axis 1.2.1 update - legal review will cause this to slip to 1.0
  • J2EE schemas/DTDs update - some of these reference IBM material, and these can be redistributed by WTP in principle; Janet reviewing

JSF Incubation

  • Waiting on EMO to run release review.
  • Mike Milinkovich discussing resource levels with Oracle w.r.t. scope of project.

Action Items

  • [JK] Publicize PM open houses
  • [AR] Update charter diagram
  • [LM / ND] Help build system decoupling
  • [LM / JK] Update Web Service webcast
  • [TW] Send process update to dev list
  • [TW] Draft response on legal process
  • [TW] Attend Versant ORM creation review to address any WTP-related issues
Minutes taken by Tim Wagner, July 19, 2005

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