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PMC Conference Call - May 24, 2005
Attending: Tim Wagner [TW], David Williams [DW], Lawrence Mandel [LM], Jochen Krause [JK], Arthur Ryman [AR], Naci Dai [ND], Dominique De Vito [DD], Christophe Ney [CN]

No procedural matters

Community Update [AR]

  • Help system now available (two plugins, split along JST and WST lines, 12-15 documents)
  • Component leads prioritizing help needs, which will be routed to developers
  • Newsgroup posts need to be read to provide community feedback and support

Council Meeting Report [DW, TW]

  • [see email to for complete summary]

Architecture Group Report [DW]

  • Component team reviews ("open houses") have begun; last Thursday was server and RDB tools, this week is web services

Requirements Group Report [JK]

  • Draft of 1.1 discussed, preview will be released shortly
  • Discussing enhancements tracking

Release Numbering

  • PMC is renumbering July 2005 release to 0.7
  • December release is planned to be 1.0
  • PMC will request more precise description of 1.0 release criteria from EMO
  • Technical issues: plugin numbers must be modified, Bugzilla categories should reflect release numbering, @since tags are now out of date, next week's I-build will be first under new numbering scheme

Oracle's JSF Proposal [AR]

  • WTP supports the proposal
  • JSF would become a new component of the JST subproject

Action Items

  • [TW] Communicate question to EMO regarding 1.0 release criteria
  • [TW] Clarify WTP charter documents with respect to JSF
  • [TW] Communicate PMC's support of Oracle JSF project to EMO
  • [DW] Bugzilla category rename
Minutes taken by Tim Wagner, May 24, 2005

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