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PMC Conference Call - April 12, 2005

WTP PMC Minutes for April 12, 2005 Conference Call

Attending: Tim Wagner [TW], David Williams [DW], Arthur Ryman [AR], Dominique De Vito [DD], Christophe Ney [CN], Jochen Krause [JK], Naci Dai [ND] Others: Lawrence Mandel (representing WTP community) [LM]

Procedural matters - None

Community [LM]

  • EclipseWorld tutorial proposal in flight.
  • AR created presentation archive – see email on WTP list. This is intended to be a repository for presentation materials.
  • AR talking at Colorado Software Summit on Web Services development in Eclipse and WSDL 2.0.
  • Help system: successful internal build; should be incorporated into this weekÂ’s I-build. Requested Bugzilla “documentation” component (PMC approved request). Will be contacting BEA for help with documentation content work.
[PMC members only for the remaining portion of the meeting]

API Review

  • PMC reviewed API statistics
  • j2ee.core component identified as not making sufficient progress; the bulk of its models will need to be turned provisional. Potential migration of flexible project model to platform in 3.2 is a possible stumbling block in finalizing API in that area.
  • Clarified renaming/repackaging strategy to be complete by end of M4.
  • Continued progress on removing unintended APIs: dropped from 4,326 to 3,349. Overall metric for 4/11 build is 59.
  • Summary from April 11th build report: 35% JUnit coverage, 95% JavaDoc coverage, 9/14 overview docs. See

Requirements Group Report [JK]

  • No news to report; will begin including this in the agenda on a bi-weekly basis.

Architecture Group Report [DW]

  • Validation framework API deferred.
  • XML resolver/catalog API deferred.
  • See flexible project model notes above.
  • Separate XERCES plugin build likely this week.
  • XML and WSDL dependency on JDT should be removed this week.
  • GEMÂ’s M6 readiness is late; may cause us to introduce a late dependency change into our own build.

XPDL Proposal and Discussion of WTP Criteria for Submissions [JK]

  • AR: standard body must be recognized, but standard must also be popular and open source runtime available, and standard must be in scope.
  • AR: Criteria for standards body: open to new members, broad industry participation, established/history.
  • CN: Maturity and adoption of standard should be part of our criteria.
  • ND: XPDL and BPEL would be better placed in a technology project; too far from general audience of WTP.
  • PMC resolved to suggest a technology project, but agreed to review the proposal when written to review vis-Ă -vis WTP charter.

WTP 1.0 Product Forums [JK]

  • Idea would be to get interested parties to build on WTP 1.0, drive adoption, and gather requirements for 1.1.
  • Timeframe: post 1.0 ship (easier to do once churn stops).
  • Requirements group will take this on and report back to the PMC when proposal is complete.

Eclipse Booth at JavaOne [TW]

  • CN, DD, and TW will assist with staffing the booth; TW to respond to Ian.

Creation of XSL Component [DW]

  • Discussed contribution request (for 1.1; not on table for 1.0 release).
  • Normal committership process must be followed, despite size of contribution.
  • Can be made part of build so that itÂ’s available for evaluation by committers and rest of community.

Upcoming Milestone Build Process Ownership [DW]

  • Setting dates / versions for upstream components, driving test plans with component leads, evaluation of candidates and convergence toward acceptance.
  • AR offered to support DW in this effort.

Build Status Reports [ND]

  • New distribution list will be set up for build reports.
  • Progress on build status/result reporting – compile failures now attached to email.
  • Will increase number of warmup builds.

Status Update on Ongoing Projects [AR]

  • Janet making progress on 3rd party content agreements; ETA is M4.
  • AXE will be going into the Lepido technology project.
  • DTP: Sybase and others meeting with IBM to go over code and make progress (see email to PMC).

Action Items:

  • TW: finalize dates for release reviews with EMO (week of June 20th being discussed)
Minutes taken by Tim Wagner, April 12, 2005

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