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PMC Conference Call - February 21, 2005

Attending: Dominique De Vito, David Williams, Arthur Ryman, Jochen Krause, Naci Dai, Bjorn Freeman-Benson, Tim Wagner, Lawrence Mandel, Christophe Ney

Community by Lawrence

  • All is well
  • The PMC thanks Lawrence for making our website good again. Thanks!

BEA by Tim

  • BEA has joined Eclipse as a Strategic Developer and plans to contribute in at least two places: WTP and LDT. Tim gave a presentation about BEA's involvement including this statement "As part of the Eclipse community's acceptance of BEA's request to join as a strategic developer, we would like to formally request a leadership role in the Web Tools Project.

    BEA brings a long history of experience with J2EE standards and server technologies, as well as award-winning tools for J2EE developers with its Workshop IDE. BEA's IDE technologies focus on open web standards and span a variety of use cases, including web applications and services, Java and JSP development, XML and XSD editing, data integration, portal development, and more. With a large installed base among the Fortune 500, BEA brings not only development resources but also a deep appreciation for the complexities of real world use cases to the Web Tools Project team.

    As manager for both the compiler/languages team and the Workshop IDE core team within BEA, my background in J2EE tooling and language-based IDE services provides a useful reference point for participating in the leadership of this project. I have been an internal advocate for migrating to Eclipse as a tooling platform, and also for adopting the 1.0 GA of WTP as a product dependency for BEA. My top priority for the next several months is to ensure that WTP's scheduled milestones continue to be met without disruption.

    In addition to my full time involvement in Eclipse project management, I would like to also introduce other BEA employees we have identified as being Eclipse committers."

  • Tim identified BEA's #1 concern as driving WTP R1.0 to successful conclusion because BEA now has a product dependency on WTP (just like IBM does).

PMC by Bjorn

  • After a long Q&A, the PMC voted to make the following changes to the PMC:
    • Tim Wagner to join as a co-lead
    • Bjorn Freeman-Benson to step down as co-lead, but to remain on the PMC
    • Mitch Sonies resigned from the PMC. The entire PMC expressed our regrets to Mitch and thanked him for helping to make WTP what it is today.

Committers by Arthur

  • The IBM team has identified five new committer candidates amongst its team. These candidates will need to be proposed and voted in by the existing committers, but everyone agreed that this was a good thing.
  • In addition, the WSVT Technology sub-project is being rolled up into the WTP WST sub-project, and thus will bring two more new committers. Again, the WTP committers will need to vote them in, but otherwise the PMC agrees that these people are good.

Requirements Groups by Jochen

  • The requirements group has deteriorated to just two people: Jochen and Arthur, so Jochen has requested that we reboot the group. Jochen will create the new membership list for the next PMC call.
  • They plan to use Bugzilla to gather and discuss requirements.

M3 by everyone

  • We agreed that our schedule is in danger of slipping, but that we will choose quality over the date for M3.

Minutes taken and posted by Bjorn Freeman-Benson, February 21, 2005


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