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PMC Conference Call - December 14, 2004

Attending: David Williams, Dominique De Vito, Arthur Ryman, Ivelin Ivanov, Jochen Krause

Code Contribution Inventory by Arthur

  • 3 rd party content that may not be compatible with EPL has been removed (M2 is only affected with regard to validation - Xerces parser)
  • Eclipse PMC will decide on including 3 rd party libraries
  • DTDs are not shipped anymore - first time access of these DTDs will require online internet access (DTDs remain cached afterwards)
  • Initial IBM code contribution (zip) has been removed as it is obsolete

Contribution questionaire for significant contributions by Dominique

  • Arthur (IBM), Naci (Eteration) and Ivelin (JBoss) are in process preparing the questionaire (Dec 21)

Committer status of Deniz by Naci

  • Deniz has changed jobs and does not have resources anymore to work on WTP
  • Naci will ask him to request the PMC to remove him as a committer

M2 Status by David, Naci

  • establish fallback-Plan for M2 with respect to moving up to Eclipse M4
  • create an integration build with M4 - if we detect problems we will declare the last build with Eclipse M3 as Web Tools M2
  • Naci will publish the build schedule for M2
  • Problems with build machine led to gaps in the build cycle, there are work arounds for finalizing M2, build scripts will be updated after M2 (Naci)

Web Tools Download server by Arthur

  • Web Tools download space is exhausted
  • Need to delete old builds - keep nightly builds for 2 weeks and all integration builds since the last milestone release (Naci)

JBoss Server Integration by Ivelin

  • Naci and David gave feedback
  • Marshall is working to adapt the API changes for JBoss support
  • The contribution will not make it into M2, but will be ready soon afterwards
  • Integration testing support for JBoss shall become part of the builds (Ivelin)

EclipseCon by Jochen

  • Code camps are no longer planned for EclipseCon
  • WTP will do a project sprint, open to all interested developers
  • We may want to organize a project meeting at EclipseCon


On the Queue for Next Week

  • Discussion of how the Requirements, Planning, and Architecture groups are functioning
  • M2

Minutes taken by Jochen Krause and posted by Bjorn Freeman-Benson,, December 20, 2004

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