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PMC Conference Call - November 23, 2004

Attending: Jochen Krause, David Williams, Dominique De Vito, Arthur Ryman, Bjorn Freeman-Benson, Christophe Ney

M2 Status by David 

  • The test plans should be published by 12/10; component leads should write them
    • 12/10 (Friday) - candidate build for M2 (on Eclipse M3), component test plans complete, component teams (and community) begins "milestone testing". 
    • 12/20 (Friday) - upgrade build for final candidate build (include Eclipse M4, and "most recent" versions of pre-req projects). 
    • 12/20 to 12/22, "regression tests" with new base/pre-reqs. 
    • 12/22 (Wednesday) milestone M2 declared and promoted.
  • Naci will remove the unspec'ed items from the features (e.g., web services), but they can stay in CVS 
  • We seem to be on track for our high priority M2 items and some medium M2 items

Code Refresh by Arthur 

  • Target completion is the end of the next week
  • Main work items for future milestones: API definitions, automated tests, performance tests

EPL/CPL Licensing by Bjorn 

  • Dominique is working on gathering the information about all our contributors

Binary Distribution of Jars by Bjorn and Arthur 

  • Plan is to gather all the third-party content; will be review with PMC; target for completion - 12/12

Marketing by Mitch 

  • The Eclipse PR/marcom has seemed disbanded 
  • We're going to focus on the fact that WTP is compelling to users 
  • We need to create the presentations of things to talk about and we need people who go around to talk to media channels
  • Less bizdev and more talking about what we are doing
  • Look at the project website as a primary exposure vehicle - use our own site as a marketing channel; better than the awkward site we have now 
  • We need an organized way to collect these opportunities and have a mechanism to represent ourselves at them
  • Now that we are about to release something worthwhile (M2), we should ramp up our marketing to users.

On the Queue for Next Week

  • Discussion of how the Requirements, Planning, and Architecture groups are functioning
  • Project granularity by Arthur
  • Requirements

Minutes taken and posted by Bjorn Freeman-Benson,, November 24, 2004

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