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PMC Conference Call - November 9, 2004

Attending: Naci Dai, Dominique De Vito, Bjorn Freeman-Benson, David Williams, Christophe Ney
Regrets: Arthur Ryman

Meeting Time by Bjorn

  • Promptness would be appreciated.

JBoss Contribution Status by Naci

  • Should we include their binary library; decision is yes if EPL'd
  • Need to review their code based on the guidelines

PHP Project by Dominique

  • Are looking to see if someone wants to start a PHP project under Technology so that we can use it as an example of how to extend our code, etc. looks to have a CPL license - wonder if he is interested in an Eclipse project - one that fits well with WTP?

M4-M5 Milestones and Planning Group by Dominique

  • limited feedback so far
  • in order to sync up with the 3.1 releases, M4 should be our last milestone
  • telling people to stay tuned and waiting for refresh

Help Wanted Page by Dominique

  • bug filtering, validation, and prioritization
  • website restructuring
  • each component should eventually have their own list bugzilla and inbox email aliases

Technology PMC SOA Proposal by Bjorn

  • reviewed the proposal
  • concluded that if tools for existing specs, it should be part of WTP
  • if exploratory, it should be based on WTP
  • perhaps start as a Technology project and then join WTP as a third-sub-project
  • timing not so critical; 3-4 months

EclipseCon WTP Tutorial by Naci

  • will look around for a speaker

On the Queue for Next Week

  • 'Making noise' by Mitch
  • M2 Milestone planning by Bjorn
    • Features; schedule; testing; releasing
  • Project granularity by Arthur

Minutes taken by, and posted by, Bjorn Freeman-Benson, November 15, 2004

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