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Eclipse Web Tools Platform 3.2 M6 - New and Noteworthy


Dali Java Persistence Tools

EclipseLink 2.1 support

    Dali has added platform support for the Helios targeted EclipseLink 2.1 release.

    EclipseLink 2.1

JAXB Class Generation

    Dali has added JAXB class generation support to WTP. Users can now generate classes for a given XML schema (XSD) in their workspace. Use the "Generate" menu on any schema in a Java project to invoke the wizard.

    JAXB Gen

    JAXB Gen2

JoinTable support for Many to One and One to One mappings

    Full JoinTable support (UI and Validation) for single-valued associations has been added to Dali.


Cascade Detach

    The JPA 2.0 Cascade Detach option has been added to Dali.

    Cascade Detach

Collection-valued associations map key attribute overrides; MapKeyClass, and MapKeyColumn Model Support

    Dali has added significant model (validation) support for Map based mappings. Not all of this support is currently visible in the UI.


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