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Eclipse Web Tools Platform 3.2 M3
New and Noteworthy



Stylesheet Outline

    The existing XML Outline View has been made XSL aware.

    stylesheet outline

    If the XSL feature has been installed the, XML outline will now render an XSL aware view. This helps distinguish the existing XML elements from the XSL specific elements.

Stylesheet Model

    A new view has been made available for XSL editing.

    stylesheet model

    The view provides a quick easy overview of the Templates, Import/Included stylesheets, and variables. Named Templates and Match Templates are grouped together and all elements. The view is linked to the active XSL editor and the view can be used to navigate the stylesheet as well.

XPath 2 Processor Compliance

    The XPath 2 Processor (PsychoPath) has been brought to within 99.6 percent compliance. This includes the XML Schema aware tests as outlined in the W3C test suite. Only two XPath functions are not implemented yet. fn:collection and fn:in-scope-prefixes


Comment Folding

    XML comments can now be folded in the editor. When a comment is folded, the first line of text remains visible.

    After folding the comment...

    As always, the appearance of commented text can be adjusted using the XML Syntax Coloring preference page.

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