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Eclipse Web Tools Platform 3.2 M3
New and Noteworthy


Dali JPA Tools

JPA 2.0 Support and EclipseLink 2.0 Platform

    A number of new JPA 2.0 concepts have been implemented in this milestone in both the Generic and EclipseLink (2.0) platforms. An EclipseLink 2.0 Platform has been added for more customized EclipseLink support.

JPA 2.0 Cache support

    Shared-Cache-Mode and Cacheable support have been added to the Dali UI, with persistence-unit, platform, and inheritance based defaults.


    JPA 2.0 Caching


    JPA 2.0 Caching

JPA 2.0 Canonical Metamodel generation

    Dali has added native support for JPA 2.0 canonical metamodel generation. Dali allows you to specify a source folder for the metamodel to be generated. The metamodel is updated automatically when changes are made to entities in the persistence unit. This is offered as an alternative to APT based implementations that may be offered by JPA implementations.

    Project properties configuration

    JPA 2.0 Caching

    Resulting metamodel creation

    JPA 2.0 Caching

Document version upgrade

    To help with migration from JPA 1.0 to JPA 2.0, Dali offers a menu item on XML artifacts that can be updated to a newer version, which is necessary to get the latest UI for 2.0 features.

    Upgrade menu item

    Document Upgrade

Validation Preferences

    Dali now offers Workspace and Project level preference settings for Dali based validation. Problems are now configurable to 3 severity levels ("Error", "Warning", "Info"), or simply "Ignore".

    Validation preferences

    Document Upgrade

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