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Eclipse Web Tools Platform 3.1 M6 - New and Noteworthy


Dali JPA Tools

New Entity Generation from Tables

    Dali has a new Entity Generation wizard via a contribution from Oracle. This functionality includes a new wizard that offers additional configuration options as shown below.

    Entity association visualization and customization via the new wizard:

    Entity Association Customization

    High-level entity generation customization:

    Entity Generation Customization

    Entity-level customization:

    Entity-level Customization

Use of new Configure menu

    Dali is now making use of the new Configure menu for the purpose of converting existing Java projects into JPA projects. This helps reduce menu clutter from the Project context menu.

    Configure Menu

New Joining Strategy UI

    Dali has introduces a new section in the Association Mappings UI called Joining Strategy. This section contains all of the possible selections related to defining the association between entities. The parts that make up this section have not changed, just the grouping and selection of these parts. This change also helps us prepare for expanded options that will be standard in JPA 2.0.

    New Joining Strategy UI:

    Joining Strategy

New EclipseLink 1.1 Platform available

    Dali now provides EclipseLink 1.1 specific tooling support via the new EclipseLink 1.1 Platform. EclipseLink 1.1 artifacts such as the EclipseLink XML Mapping File are supported, including EclipseLink XML Mapping File only configuration options, such as mixed Access Type.

    EclipseLink 1.1 Platform

Support for uni-directional One-to-Many mapping without using a Join Table in the EclipseLink 1.1 Platform

    Dali now supports uni-directional One-to-Many mappings specified without a Join Table in the EclipseLink 1.1 platform. This was achieved by allowing JoinColumn(s) configuration on One-to-Many mappings and changes to validation.

    Uni-directional One-to-Many mapping without a Join Table

Table-per-Concrete-Class Inheritance Support

    Dali now supports the JPA 1.0-optional table-per-concrete-class inheritance option. This functionality may be required in JPA 2.0.

    Table per Concrete Class inheritance

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