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Eclipse Web Tools Platform 3.1 M5
New and Noteworthy



Semantic Highlighting support

    Although it will be more exciting once adopters start using it, SSE-based editors now support Semantic Highlighting. Enablement of this functionality is controlled from the Structured Text Editors Preference page.

    Structured Text Editors preference page

XML Schema

Improved visual cues for abstract types and elements

    Abstract types and elements are now italicized in the XML Schema editor.

    Italicized abstract element

Multiple selection of items

    Users can now hit Ctrl+A or select Edit->Select All to select all items in the XML Schema editor. Users can also hold the Shift key to select a range of items in the editor.

    Select all items


Enhancements when editing Tag Library Descriptors

    When editing a JSP Tag Library Descriptor, the XML Editor will offer some additional functionality. First, the Outline view will show more information about the TLD's values.

    Outline view when working with a TLD

    Also, hyper-links are now available for Java classes referenced anywhere within the TLD source.

    Armed hyperlink to a Java class

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