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Eclipse Web Tools Platform Incubator - New and Noteworthy

The WTP Incubator is a subproject fostering the creation and development of new components for existing WTP subprojects, before they become part of a release. While they don't fall under the same schedule as the WTP release itself, they are encouraged to follow the same processes. As such, a complete list of which Incubator bugs were fixed during this milestone is also available .

XSL 1.0M2

Content Assist: exclude-result-prefix attribute

    Content assistance is now available on XSLT exclude-result prefixes.

    The content assistance will provide a list of all available namespace prefixes that can be excluded.

    If a result prefix has already been excluded, it is not available in the proposal list. i.e. html has already been excluded so it does not show up in the list.

Content Assist: mode attribute

    Content assistance is now available for the XSLT mode attribute. This attribute is on the xsl:template and xsl:apply-templates elements.

    The assistance will find all available modes that have been defined in the current stylesheet as well as any imported or included stylesheets.

Content Assitance: call-template

    Content Assistance is available for the name attribute on the xsl:call-template element.

    This will provide proposals of available named templates that can be called. This searches the current stylesheet as well as any imported or included stylesheets.

Content Assitance: include/import href

    Content assistance is available for the href attribute on xsl:include and xsl:import elements.

    This will search the current project for any XSLT stylesheet that is available, and provide it as a possible proposal. It is limited in scope to the current project.

Content Assistance: xsl element proposals

    XSL element proposals are now available for positions that aren't within the current XSL namespace. This allows for xsl proposals underneath other elements. The scope is determined by the first ancestor xsl element that is found.

Debugger: Result View

    The XSLT debugger now supports a result view. The view will show the output that has been generated to the current break point. As a user steps through code the view will be updated as well.

Editor: Template Override Marker

    The XSLT editor now provides a marker for when a template overrides an imported template.

    Moving the mouse over the green triangle will show in which xsl stylesheet the template resides that is being overridden.


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