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Eclipse Web Tools Platform 2.0 M6 - New and Noteworthy


Web Services Explorer

SOAP Header support

    The Web Services Explorer provides form and source views for working with Web service SOAP requests and responses. It used to only provides the means for working with the contents of the SOAP body. Now, the Web Services Explorer can work with the SOAP header as well.

    SOAP Header support in Web Services Explorer

Web Services

Web services pop-ups now takes custom types

    Adopters of the Web services creation framework can now use the same Web services pop-ups provided by the framework to process their custom types. They just need to provide an IAdapterFactory that adapts that custom type to IFile or String and register the factory with the Platform's AdapterManager (or extends the org.eclipse.core.runtime.adapters extension). The Web services pop-ups that currently take advantage of this look up mechanism are:
    • Web service wizard,
    • Web service client wizard, and
    • Test with Web Services Explorer
    • .
    Please note that there might be sematic changes post WTP 2.0 to change the type of object the custom type should be adapted to.


New Internet preferences

    The Internet preference page that used to be under Internet->Proxy Settings is now under General->Network Connections.

    Internet preference

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