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Eclipse Web Tools Platform 2.0 M6 - New and Noteworthy


Server Tools

HTTP Server Support

    Thanks to a donation from ATF, WTP now supports publishing static web applications to local HTTP servers! You can specify the directory to publish to, which port the HTTP server uses, and any URL prefix that your Apache (or other) HTTP server uses.

    HTTP server support

Preview Server

    Want to compile or run a web application quickly, without waiting to download or install an external server? The new Preview server allows you to do exactly that - it supports static and dynamic web apps and allow you to preview their function on the embedded Jetty server.
    Note: Due to bug 181081, support for running dynamic web apps is currently broken.

Debug Last Launched

    Have you ever used Run on Server, hit a bug in your application, and then hit F11 to test again, only to find out that it tries to start the server again instead? This long standing and annoying bug has been fixed, so you can now use F11 (or Ctrl-F11 for debug) to rerun just the last html page or EJB.

Tomcat Publishing Options

    Two new options which affect publishing are now available in the Server Options section of the Tomcat server editor. The Tomcat server must be 5.0.x or later for these options to be enabled. The Serve modules without publishing option does what it says. Web content will be served directly from the "WebContent" folder of the Dynamic Web Project. A customized context is used to make the project's dependencies available in the Web application's classloader. The Publish module contexts to separate XML files option will publish contexts using the preferred method of separate XML files under the "conf/Catalina/localhost" directory, rather than keeping them in the "server.xml" file. A couple of improvements for this option are noted in Bugs 180931 and 180936.

    Tomcat publishing options

Tomcat Server Locations UI Improvement

    The UI has been improved in the Server Locations section of the Tomcat server editor. Configuration changes made using M5 version of the Server Locations section are fully compatible with M6.

    Tomcat server paths UI improvement

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