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Eclipse Web Tools Platform 2.0 M6 - New and Noteworthy


Dali JPA Tools

New JPA Project Configuration

    New Project configuration options have been added for M6 such as the ability to add a JPA User Library to your project.

    Create a New JPA Project
    Project Config

    Project Facet Configuration (no changes needed)
    Project Config

    Note New "JPA implementation library" selection - User Libraries are listed here
    Project Config

    You can configure a User Library to be the default JPA implementation library
    Project Config

    User Library Configuration
    Project Config


    General validation has been added for Java Source and ORM XML Descriptor. Validation has been updated for the persistence.xml file.

    "FooTable" does not exist on the database (Annotation validation)
    Java Validation

    "FooTable" does not exist on the database (ORM XML validation)
    ORM XML Validation

    ORM XML Validation
    Persistence.xml Validation
    Persistence Validation

XML Descriptor Support

    XML Descriptor support has been added to the UI and model. It behaves just like the Java Annotation UI, but also includes XML only properties. Both of these artifact types are configured in the same JPA Details view.

    ORM XML - JPA Structure
    XML Descriptor

    ORM XML - JPA Details
    XML Descriptor

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