Last Updated: 13th October 2005

Component Overview

The TPTP choreography component will provide WSDL bindings for TPTP APIs and any necessary framework so that users can run arbitrary behaviours defined in BPEL which use TPTP’s APIs.

Once this framework has been established, further exemplary tools could be built which build on top of the choreography framework.

To this end, the choreography component will provide a complete BPEL implementation (engine) along with engine agnostic WSDL bindings for all standard TPTP APIs.

This EclipseCon 2005 poster shows a high level overview of the choreography component's purpose.

Cross Compatibility of TPTP BPEL APIs

It is an important requirement in the choreography component that behaviours developed on top of the TPTP BPEL engine should be runnable on other BPEL engines without modification. In other words, the behaviours should work entirely via BPEL and not use any proprietary engine extensions. To this end, the engine will provide no proprietary extensions which cannot be ignored without affecting the behaviour.

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