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Community Bulletin

On Thursday, December 22, 2011, the Eclipse Foundation will be changing the mechanisms it uses to authenticate user access to its various websites, such as Bugzilla, the Forums, and the Wiki. The purpose of this change is to simplify our account management, reduce duplicate accounts and move towards open standards for user authentication.

What this means
On Thursday, December 22, an email will be sent out to all our users who own an Eclipse Bugzilla account, requesting them to change their password. This new password will be used for the entire site, including Bugzilla.

Eclipse Committers will no longer have a separate Committer account and Bugzilla account -- both accounts will be merged into one. Committers can continue using Bugzilla by supplying their current "Committer Account" credentials. Eclipse Committers will not need to change their password.

With this change, we hope to better serve our community and maintain our ability to deploy new community-enabling tools such as Git and Gerrit Code review. Any questions regarding this change can be sent to the webmaster.

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