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Eclipse Kicks Off Annual EclipseCon Conference

25 Community Members Announce New Innovations and Products

SANTA CLARA, Calif., March 18, 2008 – The Eclipse Foundation today welcomed participants to EclipseCon 2008, the fifth annual Eclipse community conference, being held at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, Calif. EclipseCon 2008 will feature the latest Eclipse developments and will provide a forum for attendees to discuss key business and technical issues facing the community.

Dan Lyons, senior editor at Forbes and author of the popular blog, Fake Steve Jobs, will deliver the opening keynote presentation. Other keynotes will be given by Sam Ramji from Microsoft Open Source Labs and Cory Doctorow, science fiction author and noted open source advocate.

EclipseCon 2008 features over 350 technical talks and tutorials on a variety of Eclipse projects, including Equinox, Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP), Rich Ajax Platform (RAP), Mylyn, Device Developer Software Platform (DSDP), Eclipse Modeling project and many others. EclipseCon 2008 also features the OSGi DevCon and the Eclipse/OMG Modeling Symposium.

47 organizations are participating in EclipseCon as conference sponsors, including Gold sponsors AMD, BEA, BIRT Exchange, BlackBerry, Cloudsmith, IBM, JBoss, Oracle, Replay Solutions, Skyway Software, Sopera and Wind River. A number of Eclipse member companies are also announcing a variety of exciting new initiatives at this year’s conference, including:

  • Actuate Actuate’s BIRT Exchange community (, launched in September 2007, is a gold sponsor of this year’s EclipseCon conference. With 13 sessions dedicated to BIRT, attendees will gain a first-class educational experience and will walk away with the tools and understanding they need to use BIRT in the real world.

  • Anyware Technologies, as an Eclipse expert, works with the leading French energy producer in France to provide a solution based on Eclipse RCP, allowing data acquisition and tests monitoring during energy production.
  • BREDEX Representatives of BREDEX GmbH will give three talks at EclipseCon 2008 – a tutorial for the automated testing tool GUIdancer (Mon 10.30), and short talks on agile testing (Wed 15.00) and RCP-authorization (Thur 10.30). Hans-J. Brede and Achim Lörke will also be available on stand 104 in the exhibition hall.

  • CodeGear announced it has teamed with Instantiations, Inc. to integrate Instantiations Swing Designer visual layout tools into CodeGear JBuilder. Java developers using JBuilder will now be able to quickly construct more sophisticated and reliable Swing-based GUIs that enhance the user experience for enterprise applications.

  • CodeGear announced it has funded the contribution of a new fast Ruby debugger to Eclipse Dynamic Language Toolkit. The debugger includes stepping, run to breakpoint, smart step, variable introspection, hot swap, remote debugging and a free form expression analyzer. CodeGear 3rdRail 1.1 includes the fast debugger in addition to full support for Rails 2.0, refactorings and conversion tools to migrate applications to Rails 2.x.

  • compeople AG The Riena project, which is being led by compeople AG, a German IT-Service provider, has been successfully established within the Eclipse Community. It will provide a homogeneous platform for business enterprise applications, from the user interface to the back-end integration, based entirely on the Eclipse Equinox platform.

  • Embarcadero PowerSQL simplifies SQL development for application developers with many features for improving productivity and reducing errors. A rich SQL IDE with code completion, real-time error checking, code formatting and sophisticated object validation tools help streamline coding tasks. Power SQL offers native support for IBM® DB2® for LUW, Oracle®, Microsoft® SQL Server and Sybase®, as well as JDBC support. PowerSQL is available as a stand-alone application or as an Eclipse plugin.

  • Etish has recently become an Add-In Provider member of the Eclipse Foundation. Their Open Requirements Management Framework (ORMF) and the exemplary tool based on it, Useme, have been accepted as a public proposal for an Eclipse project. The proposal is currently gathering community. Both Useme and ORMF will be the subjects or presentations at EclipseCon 2008.

  • froglogic, the vendor of the popular automated Java GUI and Web testing tool Squish, announced its roadmap for the upcoming Squish 4.0 release. One strategic move is to replace Squish’s graphical test development environment with a completely re-written Eclipse-based IDE boosting the productivity of QA engineers using Squish.

  • Genuitec will proudly release two major products at EclipseCon: Pulse 2.0, an Eclipse-based provisioning tool, and MyEclipse 6.1 Blue Edition, a custom toolsuite for WebSphere and RAD users. Both products originated from customer demand and provide massive productivity increases for processes and expanded feature sets.

  • IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced that its Jazz technology platform is helping students learn how to collaborate on global software development projects. Every year IBM awards universities with grants allowing the next generation of developers to research software development team collaboration on a global scale.

  • ILOG introduces Agile Business Rules Development (ABRD) methodology, the industry’s first free, vendor-neutral step-by-step methodology for developing business rule applications. The company also donated an open source Java to C# source code converter and is spearheading the Albireo project for developing Rich Client Platform applications.

  • Innoopract, provider of the popular Yoxos Eclipse distribution, announced the availability of a new Software-as-a-Service offering for managing Eclipse and team collaboration. Yoxos Hosted Edition is a simple to use software service that enables professional development teams to collaborate and share project environments including Eclipse toolsets, configurations and source code.

  • Instantiations Instantiations’' newly enhanced CodePro AnalytiX Server now offers modern, agile and innovative software analysis tools for use in mainstream development organizations. It automates Java code auditing, metrics, code coverage, JUnit test results and reports through a new management dashboard. It integrates into automated build system using Ant or Maven and returns actionable results to both developers and managers automatically.

  • Klocwork, Inc., a global leader in automated source code analysis solutions for improving software security and quality, announced support for Carbide.c++, a family of Eclipse-based development tools supporting Symbian OS development on the S60 platform, the Series 80 platform, UIQ and MOAP.
  • MicroDoc specializes in code quality assurance and integrated development process support for enterprise and embedded Java software systems. The latest Eclipse based development is an implementation of the Fitnesse automated testing framework, which directly supports test execution on development workstations as well as on embedded systems.

  • OpenMake Meister 7.2 will enhance the continuous integration process for Eclipse developers. Meister 7.2, release scheduled for May, includes the ability to automatically mashup the developer’s Eclipse IDE build with the Continuous Integration build running outside of Eclipse, preventing broken builds caused by source code changes that impact the build scripts.

  • Polarion Software announces its ongoing support for the Subversive Team Provider project, and that it will sponsor a long talk by the Subversive project leader on integrating Subversion in Eclipse projects. Polarion will also host a BOF session with the Subversive project leader to discuss any and all topics related to Subversion.

  • ProSyst has contributed the following specification components to Equinox: Initial Provisioning, IO Connector Service, Wire Admin Service and Declarative Services. ProSyst is an OSGi pioneer. The Open Source mBedded Server Equinox Edition from ProSyst is based on Eclipse Equinox and contains additional features and bundles. Our 120+ inhouse OSGi experts stand ready to provide Professional Services including Support Services for Equinox.

  • Protecode developed the first automated preventative Intellectual Property management solution. The software plug-in unobtrusively manages IP by detecting 100% of external content, then logging, identifying and reporting pedigree during any stage of a software development project. “Protecoding” automatically creates a software Bill of Materials, offering a clean pedigree that ensures accurate use of licenses.

  • Replay Solutions today announced sign-ups for trial downloads of new product ReplayDIRECTOR for Java EE, a unique record and replay technology with an Eclipse plug-in. ReplayDIRECTOR captures and re-executes java applications allowing developers, QA and production teams to easily and without the original issue infrastructure, reproduce non-reproducible bugs.

  • Research In Motion (RIM) will be previewing a new plug-in that seamlessly integrates within the Eclipse environment enabling developers to create rich Java applications for the BlackBerry® platform. RIM will also be presenting a session on "Taking Applications Wireless with BlackBerry and Eclipse" on March 18 and hosting a "BlackBerry Developer Day" on March 19.

  • Skyway Software announces that Skyway Visual Perspectives offers unique Eclipse plug-in capabilities for Spring. With Skyway Visual Perspectives, developers now can model their entire solution (including data structures, business logic and rich user-interfaces) or simply switch views and code whatever they need, whenever necessary. Read More

  • SpringSource today announced the availability of the SpringSource Tool Suite, which builds on the success of Eclipse, Mylyn and Spring IDE. It simplifies development of Spring-powered enterprise Java applications, dramatically reduces information overload and aggregates the best practices established by SpringSource consultants and the Spring community. To download starting March 18 please visit

  • Teamprise announced the availability of Teamprise 3.0, its latest release of client applications providing Java and cross-platform development teams with full access to the application lifecycle management features of Visual Studio 2008 Team Foundation Server. Demonstrations were being given by Teamprise and Microsoft while co-exhibiting at EclipseCon 2008.

  • Virtutech, Inc., the leader in Virtualized Software Development (VSD), announced an initiative to accelerate the creation of standards for the VSD industry and to drive mainstream acceptance of VSD throughout the electronic systems business. Virtutech intends to leverage its expertise to propose, promote and support best practices, conventions and standards for VSD.

About the Eclipse Foundation
Eclipse is an open source community whose projects are focused on providing an extensible development platform and application frameworks for building software. Eclipse provides extensible tools and frameworks that span the software development lifecycle, including support for modeling, language development environments for Java, C/C++ and others, testing and performance, business intelligence, rich client applications and embedded development. A large, vibrant ecosystem of major technology vendors, innovative start-ups, universities and research institutions and individuals extend, complement and support the Eclipse Platform.

The Eclipse Foundation is a not-for-profit, member supported corporation that hosts the Eclipse projects. Full details of Eclipse and the Eclipse Foundation are available at


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