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DSDP  -  Mobile Tools for Java   (MTJ)   Repository

Team Project Set

The easiest way to setup a development environment is to import the team project sets that are available below. Simply download the file and select a File->Import->Team->Team Project Set. Two files are available: one for DSDP MTJ Committer and another to external contributors. The main difference between them is that the commiter's one access the repository via a secure connection which requires a valid SVN/CVS login. The other file can only be used to checkout the source code, change the code and generate patches that are attached to the bugzilla

Once the psf file is imported all projects will be added to your workspace. for some additional information about how to use Team Project Sets, please refer to Eclipse Help

Web access

Our repositories can also be accessed over the internet through the viewsvn interface:

Direct manual access to MTJ Repositories

If you want to manually browse MTJ repositories in the Eclipse SVN Repository Explorer or a similar SVN browser, here is how to access them:

  • Configuration
        repository: /svnroot/dsdp/org.eclipse.mtj
        method: svn+ssh or https

Background information on SVN and Eclipse

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