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Java Workflow Tooling (JWT)


  • Workflow Editor: The Workflow Editor (WE) is a visual tool for creating, managing and reviewing process definitions
  • Desktop Tools: The Desktop Tools enable the simulation of processes without the need of a process engine
  • Transformations: Building on a transformation base plugin it is possible to transform the JWT-model into BPMN (and vice versa) and to generate XPDL-code. It is also possible to export the JWT model to other representations such as STP-IM.
  • Workflow Administration and Monitoring (WAM) is used for deploying and testing workflows in a workflow engine i.e. handle an engine's process definition repository by loading / unloading / updating / instantiating / monitoring process definitions and performing mappings among participant definitions and real users and among application definitions and tool agents
  • Runtime Tools provide the user with all kinds of tools to adapt a workflow at runtime.

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