EMF Forms provides a new way of developing form-based UIs. Instead of manually coding form-based layouts, it allows you to describe the UI with a simple model instead of with code. The approach allows you to more efficiently produce and iteratively refine form-based UIs that conform to a uniform look and feel. EMF Forms also lowers the technical entry barrier to creating form-based UIs. The UI description is interpreted by a rendering engine and allows you to switch between the UI technology stack to Swing, SWT, JavaFX or Web - just by replacing the renderer.
EMF Forms is a new subcomponent of the EMF Client Platform.
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Form-Based CRUD UIs
  • Forms to edit your data
  • Ready-to-use widgets (Controls)
  • Based on your Data Model
  • Embeddable anywhere
Design your UIs
  • Describe your layout
  • No layout coding required
  • Integrate custom controls
  • Design your styling
Features for professional UIs
  • Ensures homogeneous UI
  • Input Validation
  • Rule-based Visibility and Enablement
  • Powerful Form Elements (e.g. Master-Detail)
Customizable and Extensible
  • Adapt existing UI Renderers
  • Domain-specific Form Elements
  • UI Renderers for multiple platforms (RCP, RAP, JavaFX, HTML5, Mobile)
  • Declarative form editor
  • Form preview
  • Fast turn-around on changes
Convention over Configuration
  • Works out-of-the-box
  • No initial Coding
  • No Code Generation