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ECF Getting Started

ECF is a set of frameworks for building communications into applications and services. It provides a lightweight, modular, transport-independent, fully-compliant implementation of the OSGi Remote Services standard.

See the ECF Wiki for examples, tutorials, other documentation, as well as plans for future releases.

To contribute or find out what's going on right now, please join the ecf-dev mailing list.

The Getting Started tag appears to be hard-linked to the Users tag.

I think of the Getting Started tag as a place where readers go who are intending to get serious about ECF. If you want to get started with ECF, you definitely start off as a user. You may become a developer, but you start off as a user. However, I think it's more appropriate for this tag to contain specific information about how to 1) download ECF and 2) do something simple with it. That's what getting started means to me. So I recommend the following.

  • a pre-requisites nugget. This describes what your Eclipse SDK should have before you download ECF. It should also describe how to get and install any pre-requisites.
  • a downloads_recommendation nugget. This is a recommendation of what you should download and a link to the Downloads page.
  • an examples nugget. This describes available examples. It should list them in order of increasing complexity and sophistication. It should recommend an example that is more than hello-world, but one that comes up quickly and is bug-free and that demonstrates that ECF has been installed correctly.

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