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Eclipse Web Tools Platform 3.18
New and Noteworthy

WTP 3.18 is primarily a bug fix release, with more new features expected in the next release. It is available as part of the Eclipse IDE 2020-06 (June 17th, 2020). Download it now!

Source Editing

'Was that supposed to be a tag?'

    If you forgot to actually open your tag, Content Assist for XML, HTML, XML Schema, JSP, and XSL has you covered.

    Content Assist got a little smarter

Appearance customization

    The XML, HTML, XML Schema, JSP, XSL, CSS, DTD, and JSON Editors all now offer their own Appearance preference pages, allowing for more granular control over those defaults. Adopters should see bug 561347 and the migration documentation for guidance on easily implementing the same for their editors.

    All those Appearance preference pages. Just look at them!

Summaries for earlier releases:
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