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Eclipse Web Tools Platform 3.1 M1
New and Noteworthy


Common Tools

New Wizard Page for Configuring Java Facet

    A new wizard page has been added for configuring the Java Facet when it is being added to a project (such as during project creation). The new wizard page allows multiple source directories and the output directory to be specified.

    Java Facet Wizard Page

Easily Add New Faceted Projects to Working Sets

    The New Faceted Project wizard now allows the user to easily add the new project to one or more working sets.

    Working Sets

Libraries Management Improvements

    The new libraries management framework that was introduced in earlier milestones is now more robust and has more features. Integration with the JSF facet came earlier, now we have integration with the JPA facet.

    JPA facet install page

    One of the key ways of configuring libraries is using the User Libraries facility. The usability of this configuration panel has been enhanced with addition of graphical buttons for opening the preferences and for downloading libraries (a new facility for this milestone). The library download facility is fully extensible. WTP ships pre-configured to know download locations of some libraries, but other download location can be added by extenders.

    Library download wizard

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