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WTP 2.0.3

Web Tools Platform Release 2.0.3
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WTP 2.0.3 Released

WTP 2.0.3 was released on 2008-07-14. Release 2.0.3 is a maintenance release, on the Europa stream of WTP, to fix 8 defects present in Release 2.0.2:

  • 220297 Entity generation creates Embeddables with compile errors in some cases.
  • 219889 ModulePublishInfo loadResource and saveResource are not symmetrical.
  • 219627 NullPointerException Could not publish to the server.
  • 222531 Regression between wtp 2.0.1 and 2.0.2 in J2EEFlexProjDeployable.
  • 201318 EAR Libraries container fails to initialize ...
  • 235893 web.xml is corrupted when using add new Servlet wizard.
  • 233196 Class cast exception while deploying to Tomcat.
  • 230256 JEEDeployableFactory refuses to load ejb3 module.

You can download the 2.0.3 zip files or, from an Existing Europa based installation, use Update Manager to "Search for Updates of Existing Features".

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