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Eclipse Web Tools Platform 2.0 M5
New and Noteworthy


Server Tools

Apache Tomcat v6 Support

    WTP now supports Apache Tomcat v6!

    Tomcat 6 support

Manage Tomcat Work Directories

    Need to clean Tomcat's work directories? Two new menu items in the Servers view allow you to Clean Tomcat Work Directory or Clean Module Work Directory without leaving Eclipse.

    Clean server Work Directory context menu action on the server

    Clean Module Work Directory context menu action on the module

Configure Tomcat's Paths

    There are new user settable paths for the Tomcat server (with server editor UI still under development). The Server path allows you to specify a separate instance of the Tomcat server at a location of your choice. The Deploy path allows you avoid using the "webapps" directory and the complications that arise with auto-deployment and default web applications.

    Configurable paths

Publish Clean

    The Servers view has a new Clean... option which will perform a "clean" publish on the server. Much like clean builds, this will remove any invalid resources from the server before doing a full republish.

    Clean publish action on context menu

Create Server With Runtime

    When you create a runtime you can now create a server at the same time. If this option is available for the runtime you're creating, just select the Also create new local server option at the bottom of the dialog.

    Also create new local server

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