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Release Resolved Community Contributions
Oct 26, 2009
Thomas Ehrnhoefer and Pawel Niewiadomski contributed numerous bug fixes and improvements for the JIRA connector. Additional contributions were provided by Jacek Jaroczynski, Benjamin Muskalla, Martin Kurz, David Shepherd and Emerson Murphy-Hill.

Also see the New & Noteworthy for previous releases

Updating:  If using a version prior to 2.0, upgrade to 2.0 before installing Mylyn 3.3.

New in Mylyn 3.3


Changes to Time Tracking

Time Tracking Preference

Time tracking can now be turned off independently of focusing. Time tracking has always been optional and private since it required task activation and stored all tracking information in the workspace. But it was not previously possible to use focusing without active time being captured. Note that the preference is off by default, since Mylyn makes all activity tracking and automation opt-in.


C/C++ Development Tooling

CDT Bridge Moved to Mylyn

The CDT Bridge has been extended, improved and is now a part of the Mylyn project as a reference implementation for focusing, to complement the Java Bridge. Users who already have the CDT Mylyn Bridge installed can update to the latest version from the update site.

CDT Editor Code Folding

Elements in your task context will be automatically unfolded when they are interesting and uninteresting elements will be folding to reduce the amount of code overload in large files.

CDT Focused Content Assist

The top of the CDT content assist menu will have the items that are in your task context on top of the list, enabling quick selection via arrow keys.


Task Editor

Easily Add Self

You can easily insert your address to person fields within the task editor. Click the gold person button that appears within these fields to insert your user id.

Description Preview

For connectors that support editable descriptions, the description will render in preview mode by default and switch to edit mode upon clicking.

Improved Scrolling

Using the scroll wheel when hovering the description or combo fields now scrolls the editor.

Improved Date Selection

The chooser for due dates has been streamlined to support a non-modal workflow.


Task List

Sorting by Rank

The Task List can now be sorted based on rank if supported by the repository. The default sort is by priority, rank and then date created.

Filtering of Completed Tasks

Toggling filtering of completed tasks is now available from the Task List toolbar.


Task-Focused Interface

Context Download

Upon activating a task, the user is now asked if they wish to download the latest context without requiring selection from a list.


JIRA Connector

Search and Query Performance Improvements

Query and search will now appear much quicker.

Project Configuration Performance Improvements

Project configurations are now retrieved as needed and updated incrementally, alleviating the performance impact that can result from large configurations and when connecting to a repository that hosts many projects.

Improved Version and Component Chooser

Versions and Components can now be selected from a filtered list. Only the selected values are displayed in the Task Editor.


Bugzilla Connector

QA Contact

The Bugzilla Search page now allows searching over the QA Contact field.


Framework and API

See porting guide for additional notes on API changes.

Reuse of Discovery Framework

The discovery UI has been componentized to better support reuse.

Propagation of Sync Status

Connectors that are capable of retrieving multiple TaskData objects in a single request now have a means to update the status for each through addition of TaskDataCollector.failed(String taskId, IStatus status).

Error Messages

Repository settings and query pages no longer present errors upon opening and present errors in the order fields appear within the page.

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