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Re: [security] Report: XSS Vulnerabilities in "Eclipse" Website!‏‏‏


We typically send an Eclipse t-shirt (or other piece of swag) if a security vulnerability is reported that a) has not yet been reported and b) can cause real harm to our site and/or our users.

We're also considering setting up a Hall of Fame .. but it has not yet been implemented.



On 11/12/2013 11:38 AM, kotros nadara wrote:
My name is Koutrouss and I'm a secuirty researcher, I'm just wanna inform you that I have discovered a Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability (XSS) in  "Eclipse" Website, I Found the vulnerability in the main domain "".
The Vulnerability It can be used to hack accounts of the users of "Eclipse" Website.

So If you are interesting about that Just contact me in the email, Then I will give you all the details about this Vulnerability.

And Before give you the details, I'm just wondering if there is any possibility for reward me after give you the details, Even if this reward is small. I am waiting your reply :)


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