Class ShutdownThread

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    public class ShutdownThread
    extends java.lang.Thread
    ShutdownThread is a shutdown hook thread implemented as singleton that maintains a list of lifecycle instances that are registered with it and provides ability to stop these lifecycles upon shutdown of the Java Virtual Machine
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        java.lang.Thread.State, java.lang.Thread.UncaughtExceptionHandler
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      static void deregister​(LifeCycle lifeCycle)  
      static ShutdownThread getInstance()
      Returns the instance of the singleton
      static boolean isRegistered​(LifeCycle lifeCycle)  
      static void register​(int index, LifeCycle... lifeCycles)  
      static void register​(LifeCycle... lifeCycles)  
      void run()  
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      • getInstance

        public static ShutdownThread getInstance()
        Returns the instance of the singleton
        the singleton instance of the ShutdownThread
      • register

        public static void register​(LifeCycle... lifeCycles)
      • register

        public static void register​(int index,
                                    LifeCycle... lifeCycles)
      • deregister

        public static void deregister​(LifeCycle lifeCycle)
      • isRegistered

        public static boolean isRegistered​(LifeCycle lifeCycle)
      • run

        public void run()
        Specified by:
        run in interface java.lang.Runnable
        run in class java.lang.Thread