Interface BundleClassLoaderHelper

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    public interface BundleClassLoaderHelper

    Is there a clean OSGi way to go from the Bundle object to the classloader of the Bundle ? You can certainly take a class inside the bundle and get the bundle's classloader that way. Getting the classloader directly from the bundle would be nice.

    We could use fragments that are specific to each OSGi implementation. Using introspection here to keep packaging simple and avoid the multiplication of the jars.

    The default implementation relies on introspection and supports equinox-3.5 and felix-2.0.0

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      • CLASS_NAME

        static final java.lang.String CLASS_NAME
        The name of the custom implementation for this interface in a fragment.
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      • getBundleClassLoader

        java.lang.ClassLoader getBundleClassLoader​(org.osgi.framework.Bundle bundle)
        bundle - the bundle
        The classloader of a given bundle. Assuming the bundle is started.