What is EMF Compare?

EMF Compare provides comparison and merge facility for any kind of EMF Model.

In a nutshell this project provides:

  • a framework you can easily reuse and extend to compare instances of your models
  • a tool integrated in the Eclipse IDE to see the differences and merge them.

It includes a generic comparison engine and the ability to export differences in a model patch. It is integrated with the Eclipse Team API meaning that it enables collaborative work on models using CVS, SVN and GIT.

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EMF Compare - What is EMF Compare?


EMF Compare will work out of the box on most models within Eclipse, so you can just start using it by comparing your models through the usual eclipse actions.

Check out the User Guide

Specific needs for your business model can be addressed through the extension mechanisms provided by EMF Compare as a framework. These same mechanisms can be used in order to extend EMF Compare support to new visualizations of the models, such as graphical modelers

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