EGerrit is an Eclipse plug-in that provides an integration of Gerrit in Eclipse. Gerrit is a review tool that facilitates collaboration between committers and contributors of a project. EGerrit aims at deeply integrating the best of Gerrit’s features into Eclipse to minimize the context switch from the IDE to the web, and leverage IDE specific features such as syntax coloring, navigation, etc.

As such, EGerrit allows to perform most operations on reviews such as voting, submitting, abandoning, etc. Also it gives the user the ability to directly comment in the file when reviewing the changes.


You can install EGerrit from the Eclipse MarketPlace by drag-and-dropping this link on your Eclipse installation Drag to your running Eclipse workspace to install EGerrit

If you want more recent builds, please consult the list of our p2 repositories.


You can find preliminary documentation here.

2 minutes introduction video


Gerrit dashboard view

EGerrit dashboard view

Gerrit review editor

EGerrit review editor

Inline comment editing

EGerrit review editor