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EclipseLink 3.0

The primary focus of the EclipseLink 3.0 release is switch over to new `jakarta` package namespace and support for Jakarta EE 9 APIs.

Main features and changes include:

In addition to the features highlighted above, this release also includes a substantial number of bug fixes and enhancements:

Other important changes and updates include:

  • Thread dead-lock diagnostic features


EclipseLink remains focused on delivering support for the latest standards. EclipseLink 3.0 offers certified support for:

    Support (non-certified)

    EclipseLink also offers support (non-certified) for:

      Deprecated Functionality

      CORBA and RMI support

      Service Data Objects (SDO)

      DB servers and Application servers not being supported by their corresponding vendors from August 01, 2020

        Retention Policy

        The previous EclipseLink 2.7 releases will remain available for download from the previous releases page where they will remain for a minimum period of 2 years before becoming available for archival.

          Future Releases

          For more information about future planned EclipseLink releases and patch sets please refer to the releases section of the project summary.

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