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Plug-in Development Environment

Dialogs, Editors, and Views

Added wildcard support for selecting plug-ins Wildcard support and implicit prefix completion are now supported in all plug-in selection dialogs, e.g. in the product editor or in the target definition. Due to the implicit "*" at the beginning of the pattern, you can just type "platf" to find "org.eclipse.platform".

Products can set default preference values In the Product Editor you can now use an Eclipse Preferences File ("*.epf") to generate the default preference settings in the product's customization file.

A wizard allows you to control which files to use for generating the preference defaults.

Products can specify CSS file In the Product Editor, on the Customization tab, you can now specify the name of a CSS file to be used to style the product.

Your product must have the Eclipse 4 CSS support installed and you must synchronize the product with its defining plug-in to keep the extension point up to date.

Category editor can specify additional update repositories In the Category Manifest Editor you can now specify additional update repositories that should be referenced by the generated update repository. These additional repositories will be searched for content whenever the generated repository receives a request for content.

Category editor can define download statistics In the Category Manifest Editor you can now specify a download statistics server that should be used to collect download statistics about your product. You can also specify which features and/or bundles should be used to collect download information.

"Reload" button in target editor In the Target Editor, on the Locations section, there is now a Reload button that clears the cached p2 profile and then resolves the target. This button is helpful in scenarios where the target editor is left in inconsistent state due to issues like unstable network connection.

Option to set maximum log size In the Error Log view, on the view menu > Filters... dialog, there now is an option to set the maximum log size that can be read by the Error Log view. If the size of the error log exceeds this limit, a warning is logged.

Maximum log size in filter log dialog


Create an E4 project from "New Plug-in" wizard It is now possible to create an E4 project using the New Plug-in Project wizard. Select This plug-ins will make contributions to the UI and create a rich client application:

The next page will offer a template to create an E4 project:

Then you can select to generate some sample content:

And you get your E4 project in your workspace:

API Tools

Create an API baseline from a target definition In the Plug-in Development > API Baselines preference page, an API baseline can now be created from an existing target definition.
API use scan report specifies additional filters used API use scan report specifies the location of additional filters (.api_filter files) used during the scan. It also reports the number of illegal references filtered out due to additional filters used.

Additional Filter Information

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