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Platform and Equinox API

Platform Changes

MessageDialog not using icons for user facing dialogs. The org.eclipse.jface.dialogs.MessageDialog has been updated to not use icons for user facing dialogs of type QUESTION, QUESTION_WITH_CANCEL and CONFIRM to align with the UI guidelines regarding such dialogs for the various operating systems.

SWT Changes

Configure highlight bar thickness on CTabFolder The CTabFolder now has a new API setSelectionBarThickness(int thickness) that allows to set the thickness of the highlight bar in the selected tab.

By default a highlight bar is now drawn in the selected tab. You can switch to the old look without highlight bar by using CTabFolder#setSelectionBarThickness(0).

Old look and feel:

New look and feel:

Set custom text for MessageBox's buttons The MessageBox now has a new API setButtonLabels(Map<Integer, String> labels) that allows to configure the text on the buttons.

Old behavior:

New behavior: You can now set custom text for the buttons using MessageBox#setButtonLabels(Map.of(SWT.YES, "Close")):

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