Interface IIMMessageListener

All Known Implementing Classes:
ChatRoomBot, IMBot

public interface IIMMessageListener

IM message listener. This listener receives IIMMessageEvents.

Note these methods will be called asynchronously when notifications of remote changes are received by the provider implementation code. The provider is free to call the methods below with an arbitrary thread, so the implementation of these methods must be appropriately prepared.

For example, if the code implementing any of these methods must interact with user interface code, then it should use code such as the following to execute on the SWT UI thread:
        Display.getDefault().asyncExec(new Runnable() {
                public void run() {
                ... UI code here
Further, the code in the implementations of these methods should not block via I/O operations or blocking UI calls.

Method Summary
 void handleMessageEvent(IIMMessageEvent messageEvent)
          Handle message event (reception of chat, typing, or object message).

Method Detail


void handleMessageEvent(IIMMessageEvent messageEvent)
Handle message event (reception of chat, typing, or object message).

messageEvent - the event instance to handle. Will not be null.