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 interface ISocketClosedEvent
          Event issued after a socket has been closed.
 interface ISocketConnectedEvent
          Event issued after a socket successfully connected.
 interface ISocketCreatedEvent
          Event which makes a socket available after it has been created but before it is connected.

Methods in with parameters of type ISocketEvent
 void ISocketEventSource.fireEvent(ISocketEvent event)
 void ISocketListener.handleSocketEvent(ISocketEvent event)
 boolean ISocketEvent.isSameFactorySocket(ISocketEvent socketEvent)

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Classes in that implement ISocketEvent
 class AbstractSocketEvent
 class SocketClosedEvent
 class SocketConnectedEvent
 class SocketCreatedEvent

Methods in with parameters of type ISocketEvent
 void SocketEventSource.fireEvent(ISocketEvent event)
 boolean AbstractSocketEvent.isSameFactorySocket(ISocketEvent event)