July 7, 2009

Foundation Updates In This Issue

  • Eclipse Summit Europe Call for Participation
  • Galileo is Available
  • Member Distro Downloads Program

  • Eclipse Summit Europe Call for Participation

    I'm speaking at Eclipse Summit Europe 2009 The 4th annual Eclipse Summit Europe will take place October 27-29 in Ludwigsburg, Germany. Online submissions for talk, tutorial and symposia proposals are now being accepted. Content can be submitted under the categories: embedded, IDE, modeling, runtime and other new & noteworthy. Proposals are due by August 18.

    Galileo is Available

    Galileo Galileo, this year's annual release made up of 33 projects, is now available for download. The Eclipse Foundation is running several programs to promote Galileo including a twitter group and blogathon.
    Check out the Galileo page to participate in release-related events.

    Member Distro Downloads Program

    Download Eclipse has recently improved the distro downloads program. Foundation members can interact with Eclipse users by offering downloads of packages that are part of Galileo, as well as downloads of open source software projects and commercial software. The distro program redirects traffic from the popular downloads page to members' sites and increases their visibility - a very nice membership benefit!

    Updated July 6, 2009


    Profiling Tools that Fit How You Work

    Subscription-based pricing from $39 - Find and fix bottlenecks, memory leaks and threading issues fast!
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    Submit a M2M Offer

    Eclipse Application Developer Day
    July 7, 2009
    Karlsruhe, Germany
    Eclipse India Summit
    July 17-18, 2009
    Bangalore, India
    Eclipse Day at the Googleplex
    August 27, 2009
    Mountain View, CA, USA
    September 28-29, 2009
    Bergamo, Italy
    Eclipse Summit Europe
    October 27-29, 2009
    Ludwigsburg, Germany

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