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WTP 2.0 Release Notes

web tools platform 2.0 release notes
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This document contains information about the WTP 2.0 Release.

Press Release

The press release for Europa, which incorporates WTP 2.0, can be found here.

New and Noteworthy

The list of new and noteworthy features is available here.

Adopter Bug Queries

WTP 2.0 adopters have requested that the following known problems be given high priority in the coming releases:

Reported and Known Problems

All reported problems are recorded in the Eclipse Bugzilla system under:

  • Classification = WebTools
  • Product = Web Tools, Dali JPA Tools, Java Server Faces
  • Status = NEW or ASSIGNED or REOPENED

All reported problems

Check for suggested workarounds in the bug report comments. Here are more specific items:

Migration Web projects created using the JSF Tools Preview release (0.5.0) need to be migrated for development with the JSF Tools Release 1.0
194498 Web Page Editor is not registered as the default editor for JSP pages
183302 Web Page Editor doesn't support JSP pages with XHTML markup
Axis2 Web services Known bugs in Axis2 Web services.

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