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XSD WTP 2.0 final test plan

XSD WTP 2.0 final test plan
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Status of this Plan

Proposed Plan (5.14.07)

Overall goals

Co-developer Testing

We will inspect "runtime" version of build to be sure extra source is not included, and more important, we'll inspect and test importing SDK version to be sure all relevant "open source" is included in that SDK build and that it correctly imports into a development environment.

End User Testing

The nature of the end-user testing is intentionally planned to be "ad hoc" instead of specifying step by step "how to" directions and specific "expected results" sections often seen in test cases. This is done because its felt leads to greater number of "paths" being tested, and allows end-users more motivation for logging "bugs" if things didn't work as they expected, even if it is working as designed.

As we progress through milestones, we'll add more and more detail for special cases, special files, special projects, etc.When we do have special or sample test files and projects, we will keep those stored in CVS, as projects under a testdata directory under the development directory of relevant component so that testers (from immediate team, or community) can easily check out into the environment being tested.

Platform Testing

While we do not have any platform specific code, or function, we will have some team members do end-user tests on Linux, some on Windows. We will also confirm unit tests pass on both platforms.

Performance Testing

We have added (some) automated performance tests along the lines of the Eclipse base performance unit tests in future milestones. These are currently in the org.eclipse.wst.xsd.tests.performance plugin.

We will continue to add more test cases in upcoming milestones.

Testing focus for 2.0

  • Design
    • Test inheritance of complex and simple types
    • Test set new type dialog on an attribute
    • Test set new type dialog on an element in a no namespace schema
    • Test layout of schema index view
    • Test drag and drop of elements and attributes
    • Test the "Export Diagram as Image" capability by clicking on the icon in the toolbar
    • Test selection/direct edit of newly added element of a complex type, and ensure it is the correct one if the complex type figure is shown multiple times in the view
  • Source
    • Test F3/hyperlink support
  • Properties
    • Test extensions view combo boxes and ensure the choices are correct
    • Test mixed attribute value in Advanced Properties of a complex type
  • Validation - verify XSD validation works properly

XSD Tests

  • WTP 2.0 XSD Smoke Tests here
  • Test the editing capabilities of the Design, Source, Outline, and Properties view. Ensure all views are also updated appropriately after the editing action
  • Test Design page, Source page, Outline view, Properties view synchronization
  • Content assist - In the source view, place the cursor in various places in the source. Ensure content assist (Ctrl + Space) populates the list of available content to add is appropriate for the cursor location.
    • element type
    • attribute type
    • element ref
    • type base
  • Test XSD validation. Right click on a XSD file and choose the option to validate. Validate both correct and incorrect XSD files.
  • Test New XSD Wizard. Ensure unique filenames are proposed.
  • Refactoring
    • Test rename refactor on references made to XSD components
    • Test making anonymous types global
    • Test making local element global
  • Profiling:
    • Test basic editor functions and look for problem areas (large memory consumption, intense cpu usage)
  • Ensure editing cannot be done on read-only components
  • Test Undo/Redo
  • XML Catalog
    • Test schemas in a jar in the catalog
    • Test schemas in the catalog
  • End to end scenario - Create a schema from scratch and try recreating an industry standard schema
  • Preferences - Test XSD preferences page
  • Navigation - test navigation history of the graph view.
  • Properties - test the properties views of all schema components

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