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WTP Server Tools 2.0 final test plan

WTP Server Tools 2.0 final test plan
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Status of this Plan

Proposed Plan (6.18.07)

Overall goals

Co-developer Testing

We will inspect "runtime" version of build to be sure extra source is not included, and more important, we'll inspect and test importing SDK version to be sure all relevant "open source" is included in that SDK build and that it correctly imports into a development environment.

API Testing

Server tools API is tested through several plugins, located in the tests folder in the wst.server and jst.server component.

We have several hundred unit tests which we expect to be running and passing for 2.0, which test various aspects of server creation, server adapters, UI, and other things.

End User Testing

The nature of the end-user testing is intentionally planned to be "ad hoc" instead of specifying step by step "how to" directions and specific "expected results" sections often seen in test cases. This is done because its felt leads to greater number of "paths" being tested, and allows end-users more motivation for logging "bugs" if things didn't work as they expected, even if it is working as designed.

Platform Testing

While we do not have any platform specific code, or function, we will have some team members do end-user tests on Linux, some on Windows. We will also confirm unit tests pass on both platforms.

Performance Testing

We have added (some) automated performance tests along the lines of the Eclipse base performance unit tests in future milestones. These are the "tests.performance" plugins in the tests folders in CVS highlighted above.

Adopter usage

We have several adopters who depend on server tools for everything from server tools API to UI to providing additional server adapters. We'll poll several adopters to ensure that they are testing on recent builds and adjust our testing to ensure coverage of all areas or areas that are heavily used.

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