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Third Party IP Licensed for Redistribution with Incubating Projects

This information about incubating projects is for information only, and not part of the release reveiw, per se. It documents third party software which is part of our incubating sub-projects (ATF, and the WTP Incubator). It has either gone through the Eclipse IP Review, or is going through the Parallel IP Review Process. Since these projects are still incubating, we are not "releasing" this code for general use ... it's only for use by committers and earlier testers, not for casual end-users or production products.

Third Party Code in Incubating Projects
Software Version License Notes
Rhino 1.6.2 (CQ 78) Netscape Public License 1.1 (NPL)  
JavaXPCOM (CQ 1509) Mozilla Public License 1.1 (MPL)  
Xalan 2.7.1 (CQ 1904) Apache License, 2.0  
BCEL 5.2 (CQ 1932) Apache License, 2.0  
java_cup 0.10k (CQ 1934) Java Cup License (MIT Style)  
Apache Commons JXPath 1.2 (CQ 2285) Apache License, 2.0  
xslt.xsd 1.0 (CQ 1749) W3C license  
xslt20.xsd 2.0 (CQ 1750) W3C license  
XULRunner (CQ 1528) Mozilla  
DocBook-xsl 1.73.2 (CQ 2148) Customized MIT license  
DocBook-xsl Xalan.jar 1.0.1 (CQ 2149) Customized MIT license  
xinclude schema 1.0 (CQ 2232) W3C license  

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