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Community Poll

Help decide the name for the 2011 Eclipse Simultaneous Release

There will be an Eclipse Simultaneous Release on the fourth Wednesday of June, 2011. But what to call it?

Below are the results of our May, 2010 community poll.

BUT, it is not done yet. More processes have been started before settling on final name. The Planning Council will take these community preferences, and evaluate them, in order, for any issues of Trademark infringement, etc. It appears a lot of you preferred 'Indigo' so hopefully that will pass all other scrutiny, but if not we'll examine next on the list.

We should get this settled in a couple of weeks. Thanks!

Indigo: 36 % 
Ion:    16 % 
Isis:   10 % 
Iris:    9 % 
Isaac:   9 % 
Ivory:   7 % 
Ionia:   4 % 
Izar:    4 % 
Indra:   2 % 
Indus:   1 % 

Total votes: 339 

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