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Open Source Projects

Eclipse Scout

BSI AG / Eclipse Scout Project

Eclipse Scout is a mature and easy to learn framework that supports building applications for both desktop (Swing or SWT) and web (RAP Widget Tookit). Scout has been developed at BSI since 2001. In 2011, BSI has published Scout under the Eclipse Public License. RAP applications can be created since Scout 3.8 (Juno).


Eclipse Riena

compeople AG / Eclipse Riena Project

The Riena platform provides a foundation for building multi-tier enterprise client/server applications. It features a business process oriented user interface visualization and navigation metaphor, which can be used as an alternative to the default workbench layout. Since it is based on RCP, an can also use RAP as a target platform. The Riena and RAP Projects have been cooperating closely to ensure both platforms are working together smoothly.


Eclipse Gyrex

Eclipse Gyrex Project

Gyrex is an Eclipse Open Source project that provides a platform on top of the Equinox OSGi framework, enabling seamless and pain-free operation of Equinox server clusters. It also provides frameworks and concepts for developing, deploying and scaling applications on top of Gyrex based clouds, which can be administrated using an extensible, RAP based web interface.


Tadpole for DB Tools

GitHub project

Tadpole for DB Tools is a unified infrastructure tool for managing various types of databases in a web browser. It supports CUBRID, MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and MongoDB. The code is published under EPL.



Dirigible Project

Dirigible is an open source project that provides Integrated Development Environment as a Service (IDEaaS) as well as runtime engines integration for the running applications. The major benefit of this toolkit is the shortest ever turnaround time, provided by leveraging In-System Development Model and Cloud Environment.


Commercial Projects

EDIcat WiM

Heidelberger Services AG

Germany's gas and electricity markets use EDIFACT messages for B2B data interchange. EDIcat WiM supports implementing new regulatory policies and processes in a light-weight manner. It provides simple workflows, no-frills integration with SAP standard transactions and, last but not least, EDIFACT viewing functionality – all visually appealing integrated with RAP.



Vitaphone GmbH

The Integrated Service Platform ISP is the IT infrastructure core of the telemedical services of the Vitaphone GmbH. With the ISP, remote patient monitoring is managed, electronic case files are administered and the processes of the Telemedical Service Center (TSC) are controlled. The ISP has a modular structure, meaning that different project-specific services can be optionally added. Vitaphone considers it a Success Story with RCP and RAP .



ontoprise GmbH

SemanticXpress is an ontology-based solution for company-wide vocabulary-management. The existing terminologies from the different departments are linked to the company’s vocabulary using so-called mappings. Users can access and interact with SemanticXpress using a standardized, company-wide Web interface based on RAP. External applications can also access the stored vocabularies (for example, to leverage the Intranet search of a company).


Information Dashboard Framework

Texas Center for Applied Technology

This framework is the base for the Emergency Management Exercise System (EM*ES), a system used for training in the National Incident Management System (NIMS). The system has been designed to be adaptable for many simulation contexts, ranging from a tornado hitting a populated area to WMD events. Other systems built on this framework are the Biosurveillance Common Operating Picture and the Coast Guard Display System.



CAS Software AG

A powerful customer relationship management system based on RAP with a great look and feel. Provides contact management, calendar, document management, and many more features.


Numiton Migration Tools

Numiton Limited

This online application showcases the features of the nTile migration system developed by Numiton.

It allows the automated migration of software from one language to the other, at the source code level. At this point the application allows you to freely migrate PHP code of limited size to Java with servlets or the Spring framework. The snippets can also be shared with others.


Energy Information System

Enelytics LLC

Enelytics provides web application services for energy invoice processing and energy information management. The Energy Information System (EIS) is formed around a core feature set focused on processing, verifying, and analyzing energy invoices. Beyond this, EIS can be extended with many plug-in modules to meet different needs. Enelytics has adopted Eclipse runtime technologies as the basis for EIS, the Rich Ajax Platform in particular.


Book Publishing Software


Eiswind Book Publishing Software is an online service for book publishers to manage book projects and processes. It allows to synchronize title data with third party information systems using ONIX, the international standard format for book data exchange.

Small publishers can sign up for a single user account for free. A guest account is also available.


OTIS - Oil Trading and Information System


The software OTIS does allow petrol station owners to manage their petrol stations, do the invoicing and contact customers via the built-in CRM module.

While this happens in a RCP desktop application, the fuel card users that buy petrol at these stations use the provided RAP based customer portal to be able to manage their cards and view all their transaction and invoice history.



Siberia Software SL

TSMExplorer Server is easy and comfortable product for managing and monitoring IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (Spectrum Protect). The product allows to manage many TSM servers from single sign-on and fully substitutes standard dsmadmc console management.


Quandec – Quantify your decisions

CASSOTIS consulting

Quandec is a generic scenario-based graphical interface for optimization models written in AMPL. It offers an intuitive and user-friendly web application designed to help decision makers analyze results, compare scenarios, make reports, share work with colleagues, calibrate equations with regressions, and much more.


Beehave Software

Beehave Software

Beehave collaboration platform helps you digitalize any of your processes as simply as creating a presentation or a spreadsheet. Your company data is not lost in a multitude of unrelated files or tools, it is all in one place. With great social and business intelligence features to leverage its full value.

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