Eclipse PDT 3.0.x All In Ones

Note: PDT 3.0 can be easily added to an existing Eclipse installation via the Juno repository.

Download All-In-One package including Eclipse 3.7.2 and PDT 3.0.2 from Zend (this link will take you to an external site and an alternative distribution)

PHP Debugging

In order to be able to perform debugging using PDT, your HTTP server needs to be configured appropriately. You can download one of the following extra packages:

  • Zend Debugger Site Zend Debugger
    (See installation guide, or get a ready to use Zend Sever CE)
  • Xdebug Site XDebug

  • Note: Due to Eclipse licensing requirements, PDT with debugger packages are distributed from external locations.
    Click here to learn how to set up your environment in order to be able to perform debugging with PDT.

PDT Repository

To install latest stable PDT build, open "Help -> Install New Software" in Eclipse and enter following URL:

See PDT 3.1.1 release notes to learn what's new in our latest release.

PDT Developer Builds

To install PDT developer builds, open "Help -> Install New Software" in Eclipse and enter following URL: you use Eclipse Juno) or you use Eclipse Kepler dev. builds)

Those are most frequent builds with most up-to-date PDT. Only builds that passed all our unit tests are published here, but still they might be unstable sometimes, so be aware.

Modeling Build FeedLatest Builds


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