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OSEE - Database Initialization


Visit the 'User's Guide' if you need more information about any of the pre-requisites below.

  • Database has been installed
  • Database server is running
  • A file system path has been selected for binary data storage. The system default the user's home directory.
  • An application server is running. See 'Application Server Launch' for more info.


This process will delete all data from OSEE Data Store. Make sure you are certain before running this process.


  1. Ensure database connection information matches database installation. OSEE is pre-configured to work with a PostgreSQL server running on port 5432. If you need a specialized database connection see the 'Configuring Database Connection' section.
  2. In a console use the following http request to initialize the OSEE database:

    curl -X POST -H " 11" -H "Content-Type: text/plain" http://localhost:8089/ats/config/initialize/demo

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